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Stand Alone Rectifiers -48V or 24VDC

Unity Stand Alone Rectifier

Stand Alone Rectifier USAR Unity Series

Ideal for applications that do not require rack mounting or redundancy, the USAR is available as a stand-alone rectifier. A versatile flange permits a myriad of mounting options, such as on the side of rack rails, inside cabinets, on walls or under shelves, maximizing use of restricted spaces.

A 6 foot (183cm) power cord and a rear-mounted terminal block for easy wiring. Performance specifications are identical to single Unity Rectifiers.

Ordering information:

  • USAR-48-3          48 VDC   3 Amp   150 Watt
  • USAR-24-6          24 VDC   6 Amp   150 Watt
Model Input Output Voltage
Amp Cont.
Dimensions Weight Lbs.
USAR48-3 115/230VAC, 50-60HZ -54.4 VDC (42-56) 3 1.75 6.3 12.8 2.8
USAR24-6 115/230VAC, 50-60HZ +27.2 VDC (21-28) 6 1.75 6.3 12.8 2.8


 Download Data Sheet and Manual (PDF)


Download PDFUnity_Rectifier Data Sheet (PDF)



Download PDFUnity Rectifier Manual-20USAR[1] (PDF)


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