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12V dc Miniature UPS Series


The UPS12-2200 is a small, compact ‘in-line’ 12V dc UPS system that provides back-up power in the event of input power failure.

The Range Consists of:

  • UPS12-2200
Purpose of this unit is to provide back-up of 12V dc devices up to 10W (800mA), such as CCTV cameras or single door locks when powered from a 12v dc supply. It additionally provides over voltage, overload/short circuit and lightning/surge protection to the the load device. 



  • Simple plug and play device
  • 12V dc input/12V dc output
  • Uses Li-Po battery technology
  • Microprocessor embedded control
  • Surge and lightning protection
  • Advanced battery life management system
  • Over-voltage/short circuit protection
  • Auto start and manual on/off switch
  • LED status indicator:
    • Protection on, Charge, Back-up mode and Alarm
  • 1 year warranty

Supply 12V dc +/- 10%
Input Connector 2.1mm socket
Output 12V dc +/- 10%
Output Connector 2.1mm plug
Maximum Output Current 800mA (10W)
Battery 2200mAh Li-Po
Operating Temperature 0oC to 50oC
Dimensions 95L x 57W x 34D

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