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Programmable AC Voltage Source and Frequency Converter



500VA, 1000VA and 2000VA models

AC voltage source and frequency converter in one unit has been developed by Zentro-Elektrik to provide AC voltage as required by the public networks in most countries. The requested frequency of the output voltage can be selected. The devices are available in the output classes 500 VA, 1000 VA and 2000 VA. The respective voltage can be set between 0 and 270 VAC by a potentiometer on the front plate. The frequency is controlled by a quartz and can be switched between 50 Hz and 60 Hz or infinitely variable between 45 Hz and 500 Hz as an alternative. An active PFC in the input circuit of the voltage source reduces the harmonics to a value of only 0.8. The AC source and frequency converter series ZAF offers extensive protection and control devices, such as overload protection, protection against short circuit, voltage-transient and undervoltage protection and a protection against thermal overload. The operating temperature is between 0 … +50°C at a relative humidity of <90%, non-condensing. Thus, not only its electrical data, but also its specific ambient conditions enable the device to be used in a wide range.


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