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Battery Chargers

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3 Stage Battery Charger

12V, 24V and 32Volt Phase Three Series battery chargers interact with batteries to put them through the optimum 3 stage charge process which provides for fastest recovery and ideal conditioning, maximizing battery performance and extending battery life.

ABC Series

12Volt ABC Series battery chargers are ideal for vehicles which have an intermittent demand for battery power.

Industrial 1 Phase

12V, 24V, 48V and 130 Volt DC output, Microprocessor control, SCR rectification, single phase input, 6-100 ADC output, CSA-NRTL/C certified

Industrial 3 Phase

12V, 24V, 48V and 130 Volt DC output, Microprocessor control, SCR rectification, three phase input, , 25-1,000 ADC output, CSA-NRTL/C certified

PTM Series

24Volt PTM Series consists of a case, which serves as connection point to AC input and battery bank output, as well as three front-facing power bays, each accommodating a 550 watt charger module which slides and locks in place. If a module fault occurs, a front panel indicator is activated and the system continues operating on the remaining modules.


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