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Power Over Ethernet POE1230-C Series


The POE1230-C is a PoE powered power supply with battery back-up capability. Receiving its power remotely (max 100m) from a supplied 50W PoE injector, it eliminates the requirement for mains power at the device location. Providing a 12V dc at 1.5A output, it can be used for multiple applications. In conjunction with the 12V dc output it also has an 802.3af PoE connection that can be connected directly to any compatible PoE device, providing power and data, such as a CCTV IP camera. Battery back-up is provided by a 7Ah 12V VRLA battery (not supplied) and there is space within the enclosure for customer electronics if required.
If running costs are a concern, a solar panel connection is also available (18-36V dc) to complement the efficiency of the device, reducing the load from the incoming PoE.

• Powered remotely by a supplied 50w PoE injector

• Provides 1 x 12V dc at 1.5A (max)

• Provides 802.3af PoE connection (12W max)

• Can be used for general applications, such as access control, CCTV, etc

• Supplies battery back-up on loss of PoE power

• Space available for customer electronics within enclosure

• Solar panel connection available for improved running costs

• Uses industry standard 12V dc 7Ah VRLA battery

• 1 year warranty



CE Mark

RoHS Compliant


Technical Information

Input: From supplied 50W PoE Injector

Dual output: 1 x 12V dc at 1.5A / PoE (802.3af) Connection

Maximum current: 1.5A

Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C at 95% RH


Product Dimensions and Weight

H x W x D: 275 x 330 x 80mm

Weight approx 3700g


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