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Power Over Ethernet POE48xx-y Series


The POE4820-A, POE4820-P and POE4848-C are mains powered 48V dc power supplies with battery back-up capability. Providing 48V dc at either 20W or 48W (model dependent) they are ideal for powering PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) such as dc powered injectors, midspans or switches. POE4820-P is housed in an IP68 rated enclosure for harsh environments. Battery back-up is provided by either a 12V 3.2Ah, 7Ah or 17Ah VRLA battery (product specific), utilising the industry standard battery to supply 48V dc.

• POE4820-A/-P provides 48V dc at 0.4A (max)

• POE4848-C provides 48V dc at 1.0A (max)

• Can be used to power either PoE (802.3af) or PoE+ (802.3at) dc powered PSE devices

• Ideal for CCTV and access control applications

• Supplies battery back-up on loss of mains power

• Uses industry standard VRLA batteries:

- 12V 7Ah (POE4820-A)

- 12V 3.2Ah (POE4820-P)

- 12V 17Ah (POE4848-C)

• 3 year warranty



CE Mark

RoHS Compliant

Technical Information

Input: Mains 90–264V ac

Output: 48V dc

Maximum current:

POE4820-A/-P – 400mA

POE4848-C – 1.0A

Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C at 95% RH


Part Numbers





Product Dimensions and Weight


H x W x D: 200 x 230 x 80mm

Weight approx 2000g



H x W x D: 250 x 150 x 100mm

Weight approx 850g



H x W x D: 275 x 330 x 80mm

Weight approx 3750g

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