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DC Power Distribution with Circuit Breakers

Circuit breaker distribution panel

 DC Power Distribution models DST-10 (UL) and DST-20A (UL)

  • Model DST-10 (UL), 19” Rack mount 2U DC Power Distribution Panel. A single bus bar provides a maximum rating of 450Amp and accommodates up to 10 plug-in circuit breakers
  • Model DST-20A (UL), 19” Rack mount 2U DC Power Distribution Panel.  Dual isolated A and B bus bars provide a maximum rating of 900Amp when paralleled or 450Amp each when used for redundant power configurations or different voltages/ground references and accommodates up to 20 plug-in circuit breakers (10 per bus bar)
  • Suitable for virtually any 48V, 24V or 12V DC Power Distribution requirements
  • Each panel offers front access for quick installation of plug-in circuit breakers

Plug-In Circuit Breakers:

  • Model PBA Series - circuit breaker ratings used in both DC Power Distribution Panels include: 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 75A or 100Amp
  • Model RC-DST - a rear terminal cover is provided with each panel, as standard

 Optional item:

  • BBA-800 Series – nickel-plated copper bus bar rated at 800Amp for use as heavy duty DC positive or negative connection point in rack installations.


Model DST-10 (UL) features a single 450 amp bus, which accepts up to 10 plug-in breakers.

Model DST-20A (UL) features dual isolated 10 circuit A and B buses, each rated at 450 amps, enabling redundant power configuration or different voltages/ground references. A and B inputs can also be paralleled, creating a single 900 amp bus.

PBA Series plug-in circuit breakers insert securely into sockets recessed in the front access panel. Breaker alarm contacts allow optional remote tripped-breaker alarm/indication. The “mid-trip” function of the circuit breaker provides quick visual identification of a failed circuit and distinguishes between an over-current trip and intentional shut-off. When tripped, the toggle handle moves to a 90° position, halfway between the “on” and manual “off” position. Specify the required amperages when ordering and plug them into the panel during installation.

Input/output wiring is rear access via bus bars that accept single or double hole lugs. Input/output buses are secured to the load breaker sockets via solid nickel-plated copper bus material.

Mounting brackets are provided to adapt the panel for 19”or 23” racks. Snap-in hole plugs are provided for unoccupied breaker positions and a clear protective cover which prevents accidental shut off of the breakers and also provides for convenient placement of circuit identification labels.



Nominal Input/Output:

  • 48VDC
  • 24VDC
  • 12VDC

Total Circuit Capacity:

  • DST-10 (UL): 10 Breakers
  • DST-20A (UL): 20 Breakers

Total Current Capacity:

  • DST-10 (UL): 450 amps (single 450 amp bus)
  • DST-20A (UL): 900 amps (dual isolated 450 amp A & B buses)

Maximum Circuits per Bus: 10


UL Listed: 1801 First Edition: Subject Standard for Power Distribution Center for Telecommunications Equipment

C22.2 No. 225-M90: Canadian Standards for Telecommunication Equipment

CE Marked

Plug-In Circuit Breakers

UL Recognized

CE Marked

Current Ratings: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75 or 100 amps

Breaker rating stamped beside toggle for easy reference

Voltage Rating: 80VDC maximum

Type: Plug-in with Auxiliary Contacts

Weight: 1 Lb / 0.45kg

Operating Temperature

-40°C to + 70°C, 450 Amps @ +35°C, derate to 400 Amps @ +40°C, 320 Amps @ +50°C, 150 Amps @ +70°C


Bus Bars: Nickel-plated copper; accepts single or double hole lugs

Front Panel: Anodized aluminum Cover, Rear Panel: Vinyl-laminated aluminum

Dimensions: (Both models)

Inches Centimeters
3.5 19/23 11 8.9 48.3/58.4 27.9

Weight (no breakers installed):

  • DST-10: 9 lbs / 4.09kg
  • DST-20A: 12 lbs / 5.45kg


Tripped Breaker Contacts via Rear Panel Connector; Normally Open configuration Note: Separate contacts for each bus on model DST-20A

Rear Panel View


Rear Terminal Cover Assemblies – (supplied as standard with each Distribution Panel

Model: RC-DST, covers rear, top and sides of bus bars. (DST panel must be flush mounted to rack face for installation of cover).


Optional Items

Return Bus Bar Assembly

Model: BBA-800800Amp nickel-plated copper bus bar for use as heavy duty DC positive or negative connection point in rack installations. Mounts to rear of rack; adaptable to 19″ or 23″ rack widths.



Rear Rack Covers – 3 or 7 RU

Model: RRC, clear plastic panels attach to rear, top and sides of racks to protect service personnel from accidental contact with “live” terminals. Holes in rear panels allow for flow-through ventilation of fan-cooled components. Specify 19″ or 23″, 3 RU or 7 RU height when ordering. (DST Series Distribution Panels may be either centre or flush mount to use cover)



Ordering information:

  • DST-10 (UL)          10 breaker with single 450Amp bus
  • DST-20A (UL)       20 breaker with dual isolated A and B Buses each 450Amp
  • PBA-5                       5Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-10                    10Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-15                    15Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-20                    20Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-25                    25Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-30                    30Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-40                    40Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-50                    50Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-75                    75Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker
  • PBA-100                 100Amp Plug-in Circuit Breaker

Optional items:

  • BBA-800               800Amp Return Bus Bar Assembly
  • RRC-3-19               3 RU Rear Rack Cover 19″ rack
  • RRC-7-19               7 RU Rear Rack Cover 19″ rack
  • RRC-3-23               3 RU Rear Rack Cover 23″ rack
  • RRC-7-23               7 RU Rear Rack Cover 19″ rack


Download PDFNewmar Data Sheet



Download PDFNewmar Manual-DST- Series



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