GFS Power

Multi-Timer Fuse Distribution System



  • Simplifies installation and wiring of vehicle electronics
  • 6 fused circuits with multiple timers provide independent circuit deactivation and conserve battery power
  • Programmable timers disconnects selected loads after ignition is off
  • Programmable Low Battery Voltage Disconnect points
  • Modular design – compact 6 circuit modules easily bus together providing expansion to meet load requirements

  • Quick and easy way to connect, protect, and program power to emergency and service vehicle accessories
  • Provides 6 dedicated fused circuits configured in 3 load group to power radios, emergency lights, siren, video, MDT, radar, and more
  • 3 independent timers provide flexible circuit activation/deactivation allow installer to set battery power use priority for each 2 circuit Load Group:
    • Powered Only With Ignition
    • Timed Disconnect
    • Always On With Load Group LVD
    • Always On, No Load Group LVD
  • Each circuit is fuse protected with LED indicator which identifies the blown fuse position, simplifying trouble shooting
  • Master Low Voltage Disconnect protects batteries from extreme discharge
  • Heavy duty studs for battery connections
  • Screw terminals for secure load connections
  • Increase circuit capacity by wiring multiple units using parallel busing kit
  • Sum two fused circuits into one high power (40A) circuit using parallel kit

Input: 12V, neg. ground

Power Consumption: Idle: 8mA, Active: 180 mA/circuit

Maximum Load: Module: 100A, 20A max. per fuse position

Maximum Load: Per System: 3 modules wired in parallel, 18 circuits

Fuse Type: ATC/ATO (not included)

Programmable Shutdown per Load Group: 2 min. – 13 hours

Programmable Disconnect Range: 11.8 – 10.6V DC

Master Low Voltage Disconnect: @ 10.5V (factory programmable 10.0 – 11.8V


Case: Powder coated aluminum

Bus: Nickel plated copper

Protective Cover: Top panel connections and switches

Parallel Bus Kit (PBK) for circuit expansion
Parallel Terminal Kit (PTK) for summing two fused circuits into one

Dimensions: (H x W x D): 2.0″ x 5.2″ x 6.2″

Weight: 2 lbs


Model Circuits Timers Max Loads
MT-FD 6 6 3 100A Total
20A per position



Expanded System Example: 3 x MT-FD 6, 18 Circuits


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