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DC Load…DCL 3000

DCL 3000 Series

The 19” 3U  DCL 3000 series power pack delivers a max. power dissipation of 3000Watts. This was only possible to achieve by choosing the most demanding and available semiconductors and by an optimized construction combined with fast monitoring and regulation.
The controller is a fully digital PID controller with 100 kHz sample rate with 16bit resolution of set point and 24bit resolution of actuating variable. The innovative controller design with automatically offset correction achieves an excellent accuracy of 0.2% of max. load current combined with extremely short transient time. One of the big advantages is the opportunity to adapt the controller characteristics according to the attributes of the control path. The user easily can adjust the rise time in the range of 50μs…2s or optimizing the controller performance by varying the coefficients of the controller. That means, the load can be adapted fully flexible by the user to the situation of the load circuitry. The novel control concept offers excellent flexibility.

The load directly can be controlled from a computer by USB, IEEE, RS232, LAN, or via an operation panel which communicates via a USB, or via a galvanic isolated interface.

Summing up, this is a generation of DC loads which fulfills the high requirements of each customer and is an excellent choice for complex test devices or single test places. Since many years Zentro-Elektrik DC loads are a leader in demanding applications such as Fuel Cells, Accumulators, Power Supplies, Generators and Motors.

  • Load Power (W): 3000w
  • Load Voltage (DC): 0,3V …. 60V (0,6V at Imax)/…84 V/….800V
  • Load Current: 0,01 … 320A/…250A/…25A
  • Load Power: 3000W (Derating at 30°C)

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