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Integrated Power System


Integrated Power System (IPS) series, a unique multi-function power supply which incorporates built-in battery back-up and numerous power accessories within a single 2RU (3.5″) chassis, eliminating time-consuming system integration, component sourcing and installation, while saving precious rack space. Ideal for any low-to-medium power application requiring AC fault tolerant operation.

A precision regulated power supply/charger, back-up battery, low voltage battery disconnect, output metering, LED status and Form C alarm contacts are all pre-wired and calibrated within the unit for plug-and-play operation. Plug-in terminals are provided for easy wiring of an additional parallel rectifier input, or external batteries for increased back-up capacity.

The batteries are always in-line with the load, thus there is no interruption from relays or transfer switches in the event of AC loss. Batteries are recharged when AC is restored. A manual battery disconnect switch allows internal or external battery service or replacement while the system is running. Models available for -48, +24 and +12 volt applications.

  • Precision regulated power supply simultaneously maintains batteries at peak charge and supplies system load.
  • Built-in batteries instantly power load during AC failure–no switch-over delay. 3-5 year average life. Terminals provided for additional external batteries for increased back-up capacity.
  • Terminals provided for easy addition of parallel rectifier. (48V and 24V models only)
  • Automatic low voltage and manual battery disconnect.
  • Numerous front panel monitors–L.E.D. status indicators and digital ammeter/voltmeter.
  • Form C summary failure alarm contacts; loss of internal rectifier output, loss of external rectifier output, LVBD contactor open. AC input failure alarm contacts optional.
  • Numerous protection features–AC input breaker, internal battery breaker, auto thermal shutdown/recovery,  current-limiting, short-circuit and over-voltage protection.
  • 19″ or 23″, 6” forward rack mount brackets provided

Model Input Amps
@ Full Load
115 / 230
Output Internal
VDC Adjustment
Input Port*
IPS 48-11 11 / 5.5 54.4 40-60 VDC 40 Amps 5 A-H Positive Positive
IPS 24-22 11 / 5.5 27.2 20-30 VDC 40 Amps 10 A-H Negative Negative
IPS 12-40 11 / 5.5 13.6 10-15 VDC N/A 20 A-H Negative Negative


AC Input

Input Range (switch selectable):

  • 115V = 92-130 VAC
  • 230V = 184-260 VAC
  • Frequency: 47-63 Hz

DC Output

  • Voltage/Amperage: See Matrix above
  • Maximum Load with External Rectifier and Battery Inputs: 40 amps
  • Regulation: Line: ± 1 %, Load: ± 2 %
  • Ripple: ± 1 %

Power Scaling via Back Panel Quick Connects

External Rectifier Input: 24V, 48V only; 560 or 1,000 watt (see PM Series)
External Battery Bank: 12V/24V/48V


Temperature Rating: -10° to + 60° C; Derate linearly from 100% load @ 50° C to 75% @ 60° C


  • Chassis: Aluminum
  • Rack Size: 19″ or 23″, 2 RU (3.5″)
  • Cooling: Forced Air
  • Dimensions: 3.5″H x 17″W x 18″D
  • Weight: 33 Lbs. (with batteries), 17 Lbs. (without batteries)


  • Current Limit, Short Circuit
  • Over Voltage
  • Auto Thermal Shutdown/Recovery
  • Input Fuse and Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit Breaker For Internal Battery
  • Low Voltage Battery Disconnect (Adjustable)

Internal Batteries

Type: 12 Volt, 5 A-H Sealed Lead-Acid, Maintenance-Free
Amp-Hour Capacity: See Matrix below
Weight: 4 Lbs. each; 4 Batteries per Unit
Approvals: UL Recognized, DOT and IATA, approved for shipment by air

Internal Battery
Constant Current Performance (Amps) to 1.75 VPC
MODEL 5 MIN. 15 MIN. 30 MIN. 1 HR. 2 HRS.
IPS 48-11 15.0 8.0 5.0 3.0 2.0
IPS 24-22 30.0 16.0 10.0 6.0 4.0
IPS 12-40 40.0 32.0 20.0 12.0 8.0


Indicators and Alarms

System “Nominal” indicator lights:

  • AC OK
  • External Rectifier ON/OK – Except IPS-12-40
  • Internal Rectifier On/OK
  • Battery Contactor Closed

System “Warning” indicator lights:

  • Check System
  • Battery Disconnected

Form C Alarm Contacts:

  • Summary Failure
  • AC Input Failure (Optional)

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