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DCL 3000 Series

DCL 3000 Series

In not more than 3 U of a 19” rack, the power pack delivers a max. power dissipation of 3000Watt. This was only possible to achieve by choosing the most demanding and available semiconductors and by an optimized construction combined with fast monitoring and regulation.
The controller is a fully digital PID controller with 100 kHz sample rate with 16bit resolution of set point and 24bit resolution of actuating variable. The innovative controller design with automatically offset correction achieves an excellent accuracy of 0.2% of max. load current combined with extremely short transient time.

LPG Series (Software)

LPG Series

Load Profile Generator – LPG

Option for electronic digital load DCL 3000/60/320.

Software based on LabView© to generate load profiles, e.g. for cycle tests in the goods inwards inspection or for qualification of products like LiIon-batteries or other electronic devices.

PRL 4000-15000 Series

PRL 4000-15000

Series Power Recycling Load (PRL)

Modular configuration, Up to 95% efficiency, Manual or programmable,
Input voltage 12V-120Volt DC, 2 channels per double booster, Scalable up to 15 KW


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