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Battery Integrator

Battery Integrator



Battery Integrator enables charging of two separate banks from a single source, yet maintains 100% isolation at all other times. A voltage comparator circuit and low resistance contactor act as a “smart” switch, connecting independent battery banks only when a charging voltage is present, then disconnecting them for selective discharge. Because diodes are not used, there is no voltage drop.

Ordering information:

  • BI-100                   12VDC, 100Amps Max.
  • BI-200                   12VDC, 200Amps Max.
  • BI-24-100              24VDC, 100Amps Max.

  • BI-100
  • BI-200
  • BI-24-100

Battery Integration Connect Point: 13.2VDC (approx.) / 26.4VDC (approx.)
Battery Disconnect Point: 12.8VDC (approx.) / 25.6VDC (approx.)
Maximum Continuous Current: 100Amps (100Amp models) / 200 Amps (200Amp model)
Peak Maximum Current: 400Amps (100Amp models) / 600Amps (200Amp model)
Operating Temperature: Control: -40 to +85˚ C / Solenoid: -28 to +48˚ C
Terminals: Battery Connections: 5/16″ copper alloy stud
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 3″ x 3.25″ x 2.5″
Weight: 1 lb.
Approvals: CE Marked

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