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Vision Encapsulated Series

vision encapsulated series

Elmdene’s Vision 12V dc encapsulated power supplies have been designed specifically for CCTV applications. The range comprises of 1A, 2A, 3.5A and 5A models. The units feature a universal mains input voltage range from 100 to 240V ac and includes electronic short circuit protection and mains status indication (3.5A and 5A models only). They also use high efficiency switch mode operation which means lower running temperature and lower running
The units have a neat and compact design and come fitted with either a UK or Euro mains plug. The 2A, 3.5A and 5A versions are available with a 4-way 2.1mm dc output splitter as an option. Elmdene’s Vision range feature highly stable, closely regulated 12V dc outputs at full rated current to load. The products are designed to provide reliablility and perfomance with low maintenance and operational costs.

  • Fully regulated 12V dc output
  • High efficiency switch mode operation
  • Full rated current to load
  • Electronic short circuit protection
  • Mains status indication (3.5A & 5A)
  • Universal 100 – 240V ac mains supply
  • Compact size
  • Fitted with UK 13A plug or Euro plug
  • 2.1mm dc output jack socket on flying lead
  • 4-way 2.1mm dc output splitter available
  • 3 year warranty



CE mark

RoHS Compliant


Technical Information

Mains input: 100V – 240V ac @ 50Hz

Output: 12V dc nominal

Operating temp.: -10°C to 40°C @ 95% RH

Part Numbers

Part No Output
VRS121000E 1A
VRS122000Ex 2A
VRS122000Ex-4 2A + 4-way splitter
VRS123500Ex 3.5A
VRS123500Ex-4 3.5A + 4-way splitter
VRS125000Ex 5A
VRS125000Ex-4 5A +  4-way splitter
SPLITTER-4 1 to 4-way 2.1mm splitter

Where ‘x’ is either B for UK plug or E for Euro Plug


Product Dimensions and Weight

VRS121000EB / EE

L65 x W45 x D25mm

Weight: 170g


VRS122000EB / EE

L78 x W52 x D25mm

Weight: 200g


VRS123500EB /EE

L112 x W54 x D32mm

Weight: 280g


VRS125000EB / EE

L112 x W54 x D32mm

Weight: 280g



Length of mains lead: approx 1200mm

Length of output power lead: approx 1500mm

2.1mm to 2.5mm dc adaptors available

3 Year Warranty.

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