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AC/DC power supply for DIN mounting rails and wall mounting - ZAT series

Synchronized AC/DC power supplies, ZAT series, manufactured by Zentro-Elektrik in Germany, offer the versatility of use as power supply units or battery chargers. The robust reliable devices are designed for applications in telecommunications and industry. They are available with an output power of 60watt, 120Watt and 240Watt and output voltages 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC and 48VDC with a wide adjustment range from +25 to -15%. The introduction of a decoupling diode in the output allows the ZAT series to be switched in parallel or in series, with a temperature range between -40 and +70° Celsius and type-related efficiency between 82 and 90%.

High-performance Laboratory Power Supply up to 2400Watt - ZAS series

DC laboratory power supply, ZAS series, manufactured by Zentro-Elektrik in Germany, is a flexible AC/DC power supply series of high power density for OEM, industry and laboratory applications. Built in keeping with the principles of “zero voltage soft switching technology”, features include digital coding of voltage and power settings, automatic mode switch between constant current /constant voltage and parallel switching with active current sharing. The devices offer a power range of 600 Watt, 1,000 Watt, 1,200 Watt and 2,400 Watt, and supply output voltages between 0 to 20VDC and 0 to 120VDC in every range, depending on model. They stand out for their extraordinary thermal management and 19” rack system installation without the need for spacing. The “zero voltage soft switching technology” employed removes all switch transients and leads to a very low noise of < 45mVpp, which comes very close to the values reached in linear techniques. This technique also allows an increase in overall efficiency, thereby reducing heat development, and load on components. The ZAS series offers very high reliability and high power density. The 1,200 Watt model is fitted into a 19” 1U rack mount housing and the 2,400 Watt model into a 19” 2U rack mount housing. Apart from an isolated analogue interface, the devices have been fitted with RS232, RS485 or GPIB interfaces programmable by a micro-controller. An Ethernet interface PCB is available as an optional feature.

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