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ABC Series

These Chargers utilize time tested SCR charging circuitry, individually sensing and regulating each of 2 isolated battery banks, allowing the user to leave the charger operating indefinitely, even under no-load conditions without fear of overcharging. These chargers are ideal for vehicles which have an intermittent demand for battery power.

(For battery systems which require high continuous output, see our Phase Three Chargers)

These chargers are housed in a rugged, black anodized aluminum, heat-sink case which extracts heat without introducing dust & moisture to the inside of the unit.

The rugged and reliable ABC charger is employed in hostile environments throughout the world; in mining equipment, emergency service vehicles and rugged off-road applications.

All ABC chargers feature a total output ammeter, on-off power switch, power “on” indicator light, 115/230 VAC input voltage selector switch, factory installed AC power cord with molded plug and shock-resistant rubber mounting grommets. Circuit boards are polyurethane conformal coated for corrosion resistance and all are protected against overheating by an automatically resetting thermal switch.

  • Total output ammeter
  • Dual independently regulated output banks
  • On-off switch and power “on” indicator light
  • Vibration absorbing mounting grommets
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • 115/230 VAC input selector switch
  • Auto-reset thermal breaker
  • Conformal coating of circuit board


Model Input Output
Volts Amps @ Full Load Volts Banks Amps
ABC 12-8 105-125 VAC or
210-250 VAC
1.5/.75 12 2 8
ABC 12-25 5/2.5 12 2 25

Case Size

Model Inches Centimeters Weight
H W D H W D Lbs Kg
ABC 12-8 8.0 6.0 4.2 20.3 15.2 10.6 9 4.1
ABC 12-25 11.9 4.7 6.2 30.2 11.9 15.8 14 6.4

Duty Cycle Ratings: Rated Charging Output 20 min., derate to 50% for continuous output
Operating Temperature: 0-40°C
Float Voltage: 13.4 VDC

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