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Power Over Ethernet POE1220AC-T Series


The POE1220AC-T is a PoE powered power supply with battery back-up capability. Receiving its power remotely from a PoE+ (802.3at) device such as an injector or switch, it eliminates the requirement for mains power at the device location. From this PoE feed the unit offers two separate fused outputs each providing 12V dc at 800mA (max).
The 12V outputs can be controlled (on/off) by either a volt-free contact (NC or NO) or by a dc signal (12V/24V). This makes the unit ideal for devices such as door locks which can be released using ancillaries such as ‘request to exit’ switches, break glass devices, access control keypads or a signal from a fire alarm panel.
Battery back-up is provided with the use of two compact in-line UPS devices that utilise Li-Po battery technology, while the access control functionality is performed using two separate ‘lock control’ boards, allowing the user to control the state of each output independently. The POE1220AC-T is housed in a low profile, lockable enclosure providing a unique and installer friendly solution for access control applications.


The unit has been designed primarily for situations where there is a requirement to power door locks remotely while providing integrity to the system by supplying local battery back-up in the event of a power failure. Having the unit battery backed locally allows the system to be protected not only from power failure from the PoE sourcing equipment but also from accidental or malicious damage to the feed cable, a feature not available on more commonly centrally backed UPS systems. Providing back-up power using this method also allows the installer to back-up selected (critical) channels on a PoE switch, rather than backing up the whole switch.

• Powered remotely by a PoE+ PSE device (802.3at) (not supplied)

• Provides 2 x 12V dc at 800mA (max)

• Designed for 12V dc access control applications

• Supplies battery back-up on loss of PoE power

• Low profile, lockable enclosure

• Available Ethernet connection for network data

• Uses Li-Po battery technology with overload and short circuit protection

• 20mm knockouts and rear slots for cable entry

• 1 year warranty

Battery Backup Times

2 x 12V dc at 200mA - 164 minutes

2 x 12V dc at 400mA - 84 minutes

2 x 12V dc at 800mA- 27 minutes



CE Mark

RoHS Compliant


Technical Information

Input: PoE 802.3at

Dual Output: 2 x 12V dc

Maximum current: 2 x 800mA

Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C at 95% RH


Product Dimensions and Weight

H x W x D: 310 x 245 x 50mm
Weight approx: 2450g


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