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DC Power Distribution with Circuit Breakers and Fuses


DC Power Distribution with GMT Fuses and Plug-in Circuit Breakers

DC Distribution Panel – DST-FB offers a unique combination of circuit protection, utilizing both circuit breakers and GMT fuses in a single, 2 RU rack mount assembly. The DST-FB panel provides system integrators with a flexible DC power distribution system allowing the installer to assign low power loads to fuses and high power loads, up to 30 Amps, to circuit breaker protected circuits. The DST-FB panel features dual busses, Bus A accommodates up to 8 plug-in circuit breakers and Bus B up to 8 GMT style fuses. Front panel LEDs indicate power available per bus as well as blown fuse and tripped/off circuit breaker occurrence. Tripped condition also activates form C contacts for integrating remote alarm reporting. The DST-FB panel integrates with 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 48 VDC systems, any ground reference, making the unit ideal for any power system.

Ordering information:

  • DST-FB         19″ 2U Distribution Panel
  • DST-FB-5      5 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • DST-FB-10    10 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • DST-FB-15    15 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • DST-FB-20    20 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • DST-FB-25    25 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • DST-FB-30    30 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • GMT-3/4       750 mA Fuse
  • GMT-1           1 Amp Fuse
  • GMT-3           3 Amp Fuse
  • GMT-5           5 Amp Fuse
  • GMT-7.5        7.5 Amp Fuse
  • GMT-10         10 Amp Fuse
  • GMT-15         15 Amp Fuse


  • 12, 24, or -48 VDC, Positive or Negative Ground
  • Integrates easily with any power system
  • Dual Bus (100 Amps ea.): Bus A, accomodates 8 x GMT fuses; Bus B, accomodates 8 x plug-in circuit breakers
  • Indicators: Power available LED, blown fuse LED, tripped/off circuit breaker LED
  • Form C alarm contacts



Nominal Input: 12, 24 or 48 VDC, Positive or Negative ground

Total Circuit Capacity (16 total): 8 GMT Fuses and 8 Plug-in Circuit Breakers

Dual Bus: Bus rating – 100 Amps each maximum

  • Bus A: Feeds 8 x GMT fuses, 15 Amps max., fuse rating
  • Bus B: Feeds 8 x plug-in circuit breakers, 30 Amps max., breaker rating

Circuit Breaker Amperages: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp., easy plug-in via panel front (sold separately)

GMT Fuse Amperages: 1, 3, 5, 7.5, 10 and 15 amp, (sold separately)

Indicators & Alarms

  • Power Available LED, one per Bus (Green)
  • Blown fuse LED (Red)
  • Tripped/Off circuit breaker LED (Red)

Alarm Contacts: Form C, one each for Bus A & Bus B, activates on any of the above alarm conditions


Chassis: Vinyl laminated aluminum with powder coated front panel

Rack Size: 19″ or 23″, 2 RU, flush or centre mount

Dimensions: H 3.5 inches  x W 19/23 inches  x D 11 inches

Weight: 5.5 Lbs / 2.5Kg with no breakers installed


Operating Temperature: -40 to +60°C

Circuit_Breaker-Plug_In GMT_Fuse
8 Plug-in Circuit Breaker Capacity 8 GMT Fuse Capacity



Download PDFNewmar Data Sheet Circuit_Breaker_&_Fuse_Distribution Panel_DST-FB


Download PDFNewmar Manual DST-FB_9-11


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