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Vision 12V Low Profile & IP68 CCTV Series


Elmdene’s popular 12V dc CCTV range of power supplies consists of both low-profile and IP68 variants. The units are available in either 4A or 8A power ratings with options of up to 16 individually fused output circuits. Individual fused outputs can provide isolation of selected circuits when servicing or in the event one circuit fails, allowing the rest of the system to operate normally, maintaining system integrity.
All units feature ‘fuse health’ LED’s which are illuminated to show that each powered circuit is functioning correctly. Each fused output circuit may have different value fuses to suit the individual loads eg cameras, lighting etc. The 8A versions are offered in a lockable enclosure (keyed alike) while the 4A versions possess a hinged screw lid. Cable entry is achieved by utilising either cable gland knockouts or via the allocated rear cable entry points of the enclosures.

For external use, the IP68 models (4A) are provided without cable entry points allowing the installer to choose the primary locations to suit the installation.

Advantages of Switch Mode Technology

Elmdene products using switch mode technology are

typically 80-87% efficient. This can save your customers

money by reducing their power bills and carbon footprint.



  • Individual ‘fuse health’ LED indication
  • White powder coated 1.2mm steel enclosure
  • Lockable lid (8A variants)
  • Low profile design (50mm)
  • High efficiency and cost effective switch mode technology
  • Fully regulated 12V dc output
  • Full rated current to load
  • Electronic short-circuit protection
  • Installer safe, shrouded high voltage electronics
  • Replaceable 20mm mains and output fuses
  • Universal 90 – 264V ac mains supply
  • Multiple cable entry/exit options
  • Modular construction for easy servicing
  • 3 year warranty



CE Mark

RoHS Compliant

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
VRS124000-J 12V dc @ 4A: 1 x 4A
VRS124000-2-J 12V dc @ 4A: 2 x 2A
VRS124000-4-J 12V dc @ 4A: 4 x 1A
VRS124000-8-J 12V dc @ 4A: 8 x 500mA
VRS124000-P 12V dc @ 4A: 1 x 4A – IP68
VRS124000-2P 12V dc @ 4A: 2 x 2A – IP68
VRS124000-4P 12V dc @ 4A: 4 x 1A – IP68
VRS124000-8P 12V dc @ 4A: 8 x 500mA – IP68
VRS128000-2-T 12V dc @ 8A: 2 x 4A
VRS128000-4-T 12V dc @ 8A: 4 x 2A
VRS128000-8-T 12V dc @ 8A: 8 x 1A
VRS128000-16-T 12V dc @ 8A: 16 x 500mA


Technical Information

Mains input: 90V ac – 264V ac

Output: 12V dc

Maximum current:

VRS124000 – 4A

VRS128000 – 8A

Operating temp.: -10°C to 40°C at 95% RH


Product Dimensions and Weight

H185 x W200 x D55mm (4A) 1.5Kg

H150 x W250 x D100mm (4A IP68)1.2Kg

H310 x W245 x D50mm (8A) 2.7Kg

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