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SCP 6/12

SCP 6/12

Patented technology for small battery evaluation

The Midtronics SCP 6/12 Battery Conductance Tester provides a simple method to screen the state-of-health of popularly sized 6-volt and 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries. Easy to set up, the SCP 6/12 is even easier to use. Battery voltage and conductance are displayed in less than 10 seconds. Designed for effective testing of batteries used in security and fire alarm systems as well as emergency lighting and small UPS systems, the SCP 6/12 helps to ensure the operation of critical systems despite power loss. Efficient and accurate, this tester is priced to fit into every technician’s tool kit. The SCP 6/12 Battery Conductance Tester prioritizes battery replacements and additional testing for cost-effective system management.

Utilizes patented conductance technology, a passive method that minimizes technician risk and battery stress.
Conductance method recognized by IEEE standard for the testing of lead-acid batteries with proven correlation to battery capacity.
Tests 6V and 12V batteries
No external power source needed

For use in the following Application Markets:

Single Phase UPS battery testing and analysis
Small Systems

NERC Compliance:
Midtronics battery testers make compliance with new NERC standard PRC-005-2 quick and easy.

Model Number: SCP-100

Warranty: Midtronics standard one-year warranty

Applications: Use of sealed lead-acid batteries for security systems, emergency lighting, mobility vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies, more

Conductance Range: 20 to 1200 Mhos/Siemens

Battery Capacity Range: 1.2 Ah to 55 Ah

Power Requirements: Powered by the battery under test

Voltage Range: 6.0 to 14.0 VDC

Display: 4 Position LED alpha-numeric readout
LED mode indication

Operating Temperature: 0 to 120 degree F) -18 to 50 degree C

Interface Operations: Patent pending clips designed for a wide range of applications

Housing Material: Acid resistant ABS plastic

Product Dimensions:7.5″ X 3.5″ X 2.0″ (230 mm X 102 mm X 65 mm)

Product Weight: 1 lb / 427 grams

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