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GFS Power is a specialised Distributor of DC Power Products, Systems and Solutions with manufacturing partners in Australia, Europe,  Asia and North America.
Our Mission: to offer our customers a facility to single source from a broad range of quality power products, systems and solutions manufactured by international and local companies, complying with power industry standards.


is a leading manufacturer of DC Power Systems for the Telecommunications industry. With high reliability and economic efficiency, Delta Telecom's Power Systems are widely used in wireless and fixed line environments, Network Equipment, xDSL, Broadband Wireless (WLL and LMDS), Cellular/PCS, and Fiber applications. Delta's telecom power system products have passed UL/cUL, TUV, NEBS and other telecom standards and are manufactured in TL-9000 facilities.


  -48V DC Power Solutions up to 1200Watt
  -48V DC Power Solutions up to 2400Watt
-48V DC Power Solutions up to 6000Watt
+24V DC Power Solutions up to 7200Watt
48V DC Power Solutions up to 12000Watt

offers a broad range of DC power products with an earned reputation of high reliability and quality in powering wireless networks in Land Mobile, Cellular, Broadband and Microwave  applications. Providing the industry's quickest delivery of high quality power products is what sets us apart. Maintaining a large inventory of all power products you will find on this site enables us to ship the same day.

Specialized DC power components with various power and mounting configurations include:

DC Power Systems    Rectifiers/Power Supplies    DC Converters    Battery Chargers    Inverters    DC Power Distribution    Power Monitoring & Control    Low Voltage Disconnects    Accessories

Unity Rectifier System
150 - 450Watt
+24VDC  Output Current 6 - 18Amp
-48VDC   Output current 3 - 9Amp
 NEW  Sentinel Power Systems
600 - 1800Watt
 - 48VDC  Output current 11 - 33Amp
NEW  Centurion II Power Systems
+24VDC   1000 - 3000Watt
-48VDC    1000 - 6000Watt
+24VDC  Output current 37 - 111Amp
-48VDC Output current 18 - 111Amp
NEW  Commander Power Systems
 - 48V DC Power solutions up to 14000Watt
Standalone Rackmount Rectifier
Suitable for 12VDC     24VDC   or   48VDC  Sites
Site Power System

Suitable for 12VDC     24VDC   or   48VDC  Sites
DC Distribution Circuit Breaker Panel
Up to 10 or 20 Plug-in Circuit Breakers
NEW  DC Distribution Breaker & Fuse Panel
Up to 8 GMT Fuses and 8 Plug-in Circuit Breakers
DC Distribution Fuse Panel
Up to 20 or 40 GMT Fuses
Circuit Breaker Distribution wit Remote Control
Up to 8 Breaker Protected Circuits
NEW  Rackmount Low Voltage Disconnect
(LVD) and Monitoring
Suitable for 12VDC     24VDC   or   48VDC  Sites
Rackmount DC-DC Converters
48VDC - 12VDC
48VDC - 24VDC
24VDC - 48VDC
Site Power Monitor
19" Rackmount Plate
Linear Power Supplies
NEW  Site Monitor & Control
Site Power Monitor
9 - 60VDC
Negative / Positive ground
Three Stage Battery Chargers
12V        24V        32VDC   models
Low Voltage Disconnect
12V    24V    or    48V models

Midtronics is focused on the development of innovative technologies for Battery Management Solutions. With a history of advanced battery-related research, Midtronics patented technologies have been tailored for a variety of applications in both the Transportation and Stationary Power industries


Celltron Max
Celltron Ultra
Celltron Advanced
Celltron Essential


Zentro-Elektrik design and manufacture Power Solutions for Mobile telephone base stations, indoor and outdoor telecommunication stations, railway systems, radio systems, transmitters and receivers, audio and video studio systems, networks, control rooms, supply and monitoring units used by utilities, local and long-distance trains, in buses, trucks, underground trains, trams or their radio systems, fork-lift trucks or lifts. They also design and manufacture Laboratory Power Supplies, Electronic Loads and Interfaces for Research, Development, Testing Constant voltage and constant current supplies, electronic loads and interfaces with IEEE 488.2 (GPIB), USB 1.1, RS232 and RS485 capability, together with fiber optic assemblies.


Switched Mode
Laboratory Power Supply
Power 600 - 2400Watt
Linear Laboratory Power Supply
Power 30 - 1000Watt
Switched Mode
Laboratory Power Supply
Power 3000 - 10000Watt


Analytic Systems has been an innovative Canadian manufacturer in the power conversion industry for over 25 years. They design and manufacture a complete range of high performance power conversion products including battery chargers, voltage converters, Sine wave inverters, power supplies, frequency converters and solar charge controllers


AC-AC Frequency Converter
Variable AC Source
AC-AC Frequency Converter
1000VA Output Power
Single Phase
AC-AC Frequency Converter
5000VA Output Power
Single Phase
12V low profile lockable
power supplies
Boxed Power Supplies
Switch Mode power supplies

12V G Range N Series Unboxed

GFS Power also has the ability to meet customer requirements that cannot be met from solutions shown on this Web site. We maintain an extensive data base of local and
international companies who specialize in the design and manufacture of power products and can source other solutions as and when they are required

GFS International Pty Ltd, trading in local and international markets since 1993, is the parent company of GFS Power


Power products, systems and solutions supplied by GFS Power

suitable for applications in numerous industries including:


Telecommunication Networks


Data Networks

Microwave Point-to-Point

Wireless Base Stations

Utility Sites






Mass Transit


Security and Fire

Emergency Services


Rural Telephone

Computer and other AC Devices



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