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Ni-Cad Series
Battery Chargers

Nickel Cadmium batteries require specialized charging regimens to safely restore their cells to full energy capacity. Critical factors include: proper programming for the number of cells, battery capacity rating, voltage setting, current control, and temperature compensation. This series of chargers provide all these necessary features.
Charging Features
Programmable output - for selecting proper charge regimen of Ni-cad batteries by selecting:
  • Number of cells ( 5/10)
  • Constant Current level
  • Constant voltage
  • Float voltage
  • Battery capacity
Digital readout provides system status and simplifies programming:
  • Battery voltage
  • Output current
  • Amp-Hours supplied
  • Time until end of charge cycle
Temperature compensated output adjusts voltage based on battery temperature, ensuring safe charging and long battery life
800 Watt output power returns energy to battery quickly; 50 amps to a 10 cell string
Monitors & Alarms
Large front panel indicator lights provide easy visual check of charger status:
  • On Charge
  • End of charge cycle
Visual and audible two tone alarms alerts to problems:
  • High battery temperature
  • Over current
  • High ambient temperature
  • Extreme battery discharge
  • Battery disconnected
Design Details
  • Micro-processor based circuit provides precise output per installers programmed characteristics
  • Rugged industrial circuit and case designed for wall mount applications
  • Fan cooled
  • High current plug-in output connector
  • Easy programming via front panel display and selector switch
  • Models for 115 and 230 VAC input
  • Size: 11.6 H x 6.3 W x 3.3 D
Preliminary Product announcement, contact GFS Power for specific model details and availability.

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