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Web-enable and integrate intelligence to any site’s AC and DC power system for 24/7 monitoring, alarm condition notification, and data logging of vital electrical functions. All programmable, accessible, and managed via the Internet: TCIP or SNMP. View current conditions and log 30 day history of DC and AC power status at remote sites before dispatching personnel.

The Site Power Monitor is designed specifically for monitoring power supplies, rectifiers, batteries, converters, inverters, UPS, distribution panels, and AC power at communication sites, base stations, outdoor enclosures, and command vehicles via Ethernet or Wireless connection. The palm sized unit can be rack, DIN-rail, or wall mounted and is easily adapted to virtually any make of power system via nine sensor input ports which capture and stream critical data via the internet for analysis and logging of site history. Web page based programs are easily user configured for site parameters with up to 50 desired alarm conditions settings and multiple automatic notification options by e-mail, PDA, and mobile phone.

Sites without internet access can use the monitor solely as a data logger that captures and retains 30 days' data, ready for download to lap top for site history file and analysis of component performance and failure conditions.

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The Site Monitor and Control unit allows you to download real time data, and control devices remotely from your desktop or mobile phone. Remotely activate DC or AC devices, no more driving to a mountain top to cycle power to re-boot a piece of gear, perform a battery discharge test, or start and monitor the output of a generator.

Numerous power sensors options lets you configure onsite input to meet particular needs. Monitor DC volts/amps, temperature and alarms. Easy to use web based reports utilize Linux® operating system provide real time status, and logging feature stores data graphically for further analysis and forensics. In addition to the power sensors, the system monitors 5 different alarm channels: such as a door, open, smoke, water, etc. Also monitors transmitter signal strength of radios with RSSI output.

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This 1RU assembly contains numerous DC control and monitoring features that integrate power and distribution components into a highly functional system. Built in features include: low voltage disconnect, digital monitor of voltage and amperage, battery disconnect breaker, and alarm contacts. The digital display monitors bus voltage, battery voltage, system output current, and low voltage connect/disconnect set points. Alarm contacts actuate on low voltage and battery disconnect conditions. Rear panel bus bars provide ample terminal landings for easy integration with rack mount rectifiers, distribution panels and batteries.

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