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NCPS6000 Power System

The Site Monitor and Control unit allows you to download real time data, and control devices remotely. You can do this from your desktop or mobile phone. No more driving to a mountain top to cycle power to re-boot a piece of gear, perfom a battery discharge test, or start and monitor the output of a generator, with the SMC-300 numerous on-site power sensors options lets you configure to meet particular needs. Easy to use web based reports provide up to second status, and logging feature stores data graphically for further analysis and forensics. In addition to the power sensors, the system monitors 5 different alarm channels: such as a door, open, smoke, water, etc. An optional sensor montiors transmitter signal strength.


  • Monitors basic electrical functions: battery voltage, charge/discharge rate, radio signal strength
  • Monitor critical site environmental conditions: Ambient temperature, door, open alarms, smoke/ fire detectors, including 2 USB ports for cameras and other equipment
  • Set alarm notification points: reported by e-mail or cell using SMS text messages, SNMP traps
  • Remotely control two built-in relays that can be wired to AC or DC functions, such as:
    • Start/Stop generator
    • Cycle power to re-boot lock-up conditions
    • Disconnect batteries or rectifiers for system power test
    • Automatically cycle ventilation fan based on parameters you set from desktop


Model Operating Voltage Power Consumption
SMC-300 12 - 60VDC, Pos/Neg ground 1.5 Watts


  • 1 Ethernet (10/1000 Mb/s)
  • 3 DC Volts or Amps (+/- 100 VDC)
  • 4 General purpose I/O pins (3.3 VDC in or out)
  • Temperature Sensor: -25 to 100 C 5 alarm pins for external alarm contacts
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 2 control relays, 5 amps DC or AC controlled
  • 1 sensor console
  • Signal strength (requires optional sensor)


  • Compact size: 4.38" H x 10.25" W x 2.3" D Mounting: wall, shelf or rack using model BPL-4 bracket
  • End panel wiring ports and fully removable cover allows easy access to connections
  • High impact plastic box with clear cover allows viewing of board mounted status lights


System Load Screen Shot, 1 Week Log



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