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  LVD 20 - 75Amp



Discharging batteries beyond a critical low voltage can damage the batteries and/or load, and require a longer recharge interval. A low voltage disconnect prevents this condition. The LVD contains a sense and control circuit housed in a compact, rugged, vinyl-clad aluminum case. It is installed in-line between the battery and the load. The unit continually monitors battery voltage and if it falls below a preset voltage threshold, the load is automatically disconnected. When batteries are recharged past another pre-set voltage the load is reconnected. connect and disconnect points are user adjustable.


  • LVD 12-30, LVD 12-75 (Neg. Ground)
  • LVD 24-20, LVD 24-50 (Neg. Ground)
  • LVD 48-30 (Pos. Ground)
  • For high current model, see PFM-400


Factory set actuation voltages
  12VDC 24VDC 48VDC
Connect 12.2V 24.5V 49V
Disconnect 10.4V 21V 42V

Min/Max Connect/Disconnect Voltages User adjustable 15%

Max continuous current: 400 amps

  • Voltage and Contact Current Ratings: Indicated By Model Number (i.e., LVD 12-30 = 12 Volts, 30 amps Continuous)
  • Dimensions (mounted vertically, all models): 5.25" High x 5.25" Wide x 3.5" Deep
  • Weight: (All models): 1LB.
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50 C


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