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Feed sensitive electronics with proper voltage regardless of battery condition. These stabilizing converters provide continuous, precisely regulated output over the entire range of a battery's usable voltage. This prevents subjecting loads to fluctuating input voltage which can cause shutdown, diminish performance and possibly damage sensitive circuitry.

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The interference or electronic “noise” generated by alternators, ignition systems, motors, etc., can render a vehicle’s radio, data receivers or other electronic equipment virtually useless. This interference takes the form of popping or static on radios or audio gear and garbled images or “hash” on video displays.

These specialized filters can be used singly or in combination to attenuate conducted line noise, either at the affected equipment or at the noise source. The “PC” models feature inductor and capacitor circuit that filters both the “+” and “–” leads. The “IF” model utilizes an inductor and filters the “+” lead only.

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The Automatic Power Selector (APS) is a solid state device which enables installation of a seamless, redundant power system for critical electronic loads. It selects the higher voltage of two isolated DC power sources and routes power to the load. Should one source falter or fail, the other will automatically supply the load with no transfer delay, operation continues uninterrupted.

Easy installation, two independent power sources are wired to the APS and routed in a single output to the vital load.

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Eliminate dead vehicle batteries caused by power drain from radios and data terminals that must operate while the engine is off. Allows use of accessory loads per programmed time limit while preserving battery for engine start.

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The Battery Integrator enables charging of two separate banks from a single source, yet maintains 100% isolation at all other times. A voltage comparator circuit and low resistance contactor act as a “smart” switch, connecting independent battery banks only when a charging voltage is present, then disconnecting them for selective discharge. Because diodes are not used, there is no voltage drop

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Heavy duty isolators allow charging multiple batteries automatically from one or two alternators and prevent discharge from one battery bank to another. Each battery is charged according to need without overcharging. Rated for 12-48 volt negative ground systems.

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