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Celltron START and START+ provide quick and accurate state-of health decisions on batteries used in generator and fleet truck applications


Multiple battery test algorithm and test memory for a fast and easy analysis of multiple battery systems connected in parallel, series, or series-parallel configurations

Advanced heavy-duty battery test algorithm designed for decisiveness and accurate testing of heavy-duty batteries and packs up to 3500 CCA

Interactive Starting & Charging System

Test algorithm for both 12- and 24- volt system analysis

Test memory and printing provide a complete test record in seconds, including multiple battery tests

Includes time-saving quick test making preventative maintenance a reality

Tests 6- and 12- volt commercial batteries from 100-1700 CCA

Tests 1-4 batteries in parallel as a pack or individually

Tests discharged batteries down to 1-volt

Gives a decision - no user interpretation required

Conductance test advantages: Safe, Fast, Simple, Portable, and Productive, using patented technology

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