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  24V DC Power

24V 10Amp
24V 6 - 18Amp
24V 22Amp
24V 20 or 40Amp
24V 37 - 111Amp
24V 75 - 300Amp



INPUT:  Nominal 110/220VAC,  Range 100 - 275VAC  50/60Hz

OUTPUT:  24VDC  10Amp

The Site Power System (SPS) series provides a complete DC power solution that integrates quickly with batteries, loads, and monitors. Available in 12, 24 and -48 volt configurations, the compact 300 watt assembly contains: power supply with temperature compensated, automatic boost/float battery charge cycle; low voltage disconnect; and programmable alarm contacts, all in a compact case. Versatile installation options include wall mount, 19" rack-mount, and DIN-Rail. High operating temperature rating with convection cooling make the unit ideal for remote site shelters and pole mount enclosure applications, as well as private network base stations and microwave sites.

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INPUT:  Nominal 115/230VAC,  Range 85 - 264VAC  47 - 63Hz

OUTPUT:  24VDC,  6 - 18Amp,  150 - 450Watt

The Unity Rectifier System comprises a low profile 1.75" (1 RU) shelf which accommodates up to three 150 watt, -48 or +24 volt hot-swap rectifiers, plus an optional GMT fuse distribution panel which contains five individually fuse-protected circuits. The system is scalable/adaptable for N, N+1 or N+2 configurations. Front panel test points and voltage adjustment pot are provided for fine-tuning output to the requirements of sensitive loads and to optimize load sharing. Form C status contacts enable remote alarms for the rectifiers and fuse distribution circuits. Front panel OK/FAIL LED's allow monitoring status of each rectifier individually. The optional power distribution module employs industry standard GMT fuses, configured with alarm contacts and a front panel "BLOWN FUSE" LED indicator.

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INPUT:  Nominal 115VAC,  Range 92 - 130VAC  47 - 63Hz

                 Nominal 230VAC,  Range 184 - 260VAC  47 - 63Hz

OUTPUT:  24VDC,  Adjustable 20 - 30VDC,  22Amp,  Battery 10Ah

The Integrated Power System (IPS) is a unique multifunction power supply which incorporates built-in battery back-up and numerous power accessories within a single 2RU (3.5") chassis, thus eliminating time-consuming system integration, component sourcing and installation, while saving precious rack space--ideal for any low-to-medium power application requiring AC fault tolerant operation.

A precision regulated power supply/charger, back-up battery, low voltage battery disconnect, output metering, LED status and Form C alarm contacts are all pre-wired and calibrated within the unit for plug-and-play operation. Plug-in terminals are provided for easy wiring of an additional parallel rectifier input, or external batteries for increased back-up capacity.

The batteries are always in-line with the load, thus there is no interruption from relays or transfer switches in the event of AC loss. Batteries are recharged when AC is restored. A manual battery disconnect switch allows internal or external battery service or replacement while the system is running. Models available for -48, +24 and +12 volt applications.


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INPUT:  Nominal 115/230VAC,  Range (Selectable)

                                           Models 560Watt,  85 - 135VAC  or  170 - 270VAC   50 - 60Hz

           Models 1000Watt,  90 - 265VAC  50 - 60Hz

OUTPUT:  24VDC,  20Amp  560Watt  or  40Amp  1000Watt

These versatile Rectifier Modules function as either power supplies or battery chargers for 12, 24 or 48 volt systems; positive, negative or floating ground. They may be employed singly or in combination, enabling the installer to scale the system anywhere from 500 to 10,000 watts per rack. Units may be paralleled for N + 1 redundancy and alarm contacts allow local or remote monitoring. An optional DC quick connect wiring kit allows easy replacement of modules without system shutdown. Power Modules may be used separately as a power source, or they may be integrated with a Power Function Manager to greatly expand the system capability with other functions such as digital output monitoring, powering multiple loads via circuit breaker distribution and low voltage battery disconnect.

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INPUT:  Nominal 230VAC,  Range 90 - 300VAC (derate @ 115VAC)  45 - 65Hz

OUTPUT:  24VDC,  37 - 111Amp,  1000 - 3000Watt

19", 2U rack-mount shelf with integrated power distribution

90-250 VAC input, Power Factor Corrected

3 power bays accept 1000 or 2000 watt modular rectifiers

111 amp, 6000 watt total max. output capacity, (74 Amp, 4000 Watt, N+1) @ - 48VDC

Output temperature compensated for precise battery charging

16 DC circuit breaker distribution capacity, with tripped breaker alarm

Master disconnect breakers for two battery banks, with tripped breaker alarm

Controller with digital display of system parameters with TCP/IP interface and SNMP monitoring/logging

Alarm contacts monitor major system functions

Low voltage disconnect built in

Easily configures to meet site power requirements

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INPUT:  Nominal 380VAC, Range 180 - 300VAC  45 - 65Hz

OUTPUT:  24VDC,  75 - 300Amp,  1800 - 7200Watt

19" 6U rack-mount shelf with integrated power distribution

Up to 7.2 kW installed power

3 Phase AC input

Digital LCD display with RS-232 interface for Remote Monitoring and Control

Wide input voltage range

Module design, front access for simple maintenance

Compact design, saves valuable floor space

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