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DST-FB DC Power Distribution Panel

December 10th, 2014 by Raymond Gibb






Newmar Telecom, manufacturing partner to GFS Power, Introduces a DC Power Distribution Panel Combining GMT Fuses and Circuit Breakers

The DST-FB panel, by Newmar, offers a unique combination of circuit protection utilizing both circuit breakers and GMT fuses in a single, 2 RU rack mount assembly.

It provides a flexible DC distribution system allowing installers to assign low power loads to fuses and high power loads, up to 30 amps, to circuit breaker protected circuits.

The unit features dual bus (100A each) configuration, one bus accommodating 8 plug-in circuit breakers and the second holding up to 8 GMT style fuses.

The front panel LEDs indicate power available per bus, as well as blown fuse and tripped/off circuit breaker condition. Tripped circuit mode also activates form C contacts providing  remote alarm reporting .

The panel integrates easily  with 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC systems, any ground reference, making the unit ideal for any power system.

Located in Newport Beach, California, Newmar has been supplying reliable, high-quality DC power solutions to the telecommunications industry since 1970.

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